VHSL Weather Memo

*In the event of inclement weather, a cancellation notice will be placed next to a cancelled game in RED, usually 2-3 hours before game time.

**A game highlighted in BLUE indicates a change of date, time or location for the game.

Day Date Time      Home    Opponent Level Referee AR 1 AR 2 Note
Sat 17-Aug 5:00 Timberlake  Alumni BV Westbrook Mazariegos Lovern  
Mon 19-Aug 4:30 Temple Westover BV Grubba Gifford Westbrook  
Tues 20-Aug 4:30 Timberlake  SWVHS MS Westbrook Lovern xxxxxxxx  
Wed 21-Aug 5:00 Holy Cross Hargrave BV-Scrimm Boston Griggs Wildermuth  
Thrs 22-Aug 5:00 Temple Holy Cross BV-Scrimm Williams Patterson Shockley  
Thrs 22-Aug 6:00 New Covenant  North Cross BV Grubba Westbrook Mazariegos  
Fri 23-Aug 4:30 New Covenant  Roanoke Valley MS Patterson Mazariegos Westbrook  
Fri 23-Aug 6:00 New Covenant  Tandem BV Wildermuth Mazariegos Utz  
Fri 23-Aug 4:00 Timberlake Faith MS Henry Utz xxxxxxxx  
Mon 26-Aug 5:00 Holy Cross New Covenant BV Griggs Westbrook Wildermuth  
Tues 27-Aug 4:30 Timberlake New Covenant MS Lovern Westbrook xxxxxxxx  
Tues 27-Aug 6:00 Timberlake Hargrave BV Wildermuth Westbrook Mazariegos  
Thrs 29-Aug 5:30 LHS James River Eagles BV Utz Shockley Stalker  
Thrs 29-Aug 5:00 Temple UCA BV Lewis Westbrook Patterson  
Thrs 29-Aug 4:30 Timberlake Holy Cross MS Smyth Lovern xxxxxxxx  
Thrs 29-Aug 6:00 Timberlake Holy Cross BV Jones Williams Smyth  
Thrs 29-Aug 5:00 VES FSC-Scrimm BJV Pennix Gifford xxxxxxx  
Thrs 29-Aug 5:00 VES FSC-Scrimm BV Grubba Wildernuth Mazariegos  
Fri 30-Aug 4:30 New Covenant  Holy Cross MS Smyth Griggs xxxxxxxx  
Fri 30-Aug 6:30 New Covenant  Covenant School BV Wildermuth Griggs Utz  
Tue 3-Sep 5:00 Hargrave Blue Ridge BV Grubba Wildermuth Utz  
Tue 3-Sep 4:30 Holy Cross Hargrave MS Berry Lovern xxxxxxxx played as JV
Tue 3-Sep 4:00 New Covenant  LHS MS Pennix Henry xxxxxxxx  
Tue 3-Sep 6:00 New Covenant  Stuart Hall BV Williams Pennix Jones  
Thrs 5-Sep 5:00 Hargave VES BJV Shockley Stalker Westbrook  
Thrs 5-Sep 4:30 LHS RVCS MS Berry Pennix xxxxxxxx  
Fri 6-Sep 4:30 Hargrave Oak Ridge Academy BV cancel Caudill cancel  
Fri 6-Sep 4:30 Timberlake Westover MS cancel cancel cancel  
Fri 6-Sep 5:30 Timberlake Westover BV Utz Caudill Westbrook  
Mon 9-Sep 4:30 Temple Timberlake MS Mazariegos Berry xxxxxxxx  
Mon 9-Sep 4:30 Timberlake LHS MS Pennix Westbrook xxxxxxxx  
Tues 10-Sep 4:30 Holy Cross Timberlake MS cancel cancel cancel  
Tues 10-Sep 6:00 Holy Cross Timberlake BV Jones Mazariegos Westbrook  
Tues 10-Sep 4:30 James River Sacred Heart MS Lovern Patterson xxxxxxxx  
Tues 10-Sep 5:00 VES LHS BJV Pennix Smyth Stalker  
Thrs 12-Sep 5:00 Hargrave Holy Cross BJV Pennix Kappler S xxxxxxxx  
Thrs 12-Sep 4:30 New Covenant  James River MS Stalker Smyth xxxxxxxx  
Thrs 12-Sep 5:45 Timberlake Smith Mountain BV Shockley Mazariegos Utz  
Fri 13-Sep 4:30 New Covenant  Timberlake MS Henry Mazariegos xxxxxxxx  
Fri 13-Sep 6:00 New Covenant  Eastern Men BV Henry Mazariegos Westbrook  
Fri 13-Sep 4:30 VES Blue Ridge BV Griggs Caudill Smyth  
Sun 15-Sep 11:30 U of L VT Women Club     Practice Fields
Sun 15-Sep 2:00 U of L Richmond Men club       Practice Fields
Mon 16-Sep 4:00 James River Timberlake MS Berry   xxxxxxxx  
Tues 17-Sep 5:00 Hargrave SWVHS          
Tues 17-Sep 4:00 New Covenant  LHS MS Berry   xxxxxxxx  
Tues 17-Sep 6:00 New Covenant  Miller BV        
Tues 17-Sep 5:00 Temple Halifax Christian  BV        
Tues 17-Sep 4:30 VES FUMA BJV        
Tues 17-Sep 4:30 VES FUMA BV        
Wed 18-Sep 4:30 James River Holy Cross MS   Berry xxxxxxxx  
Thrs 19-Sep 4:30 Hargrave Carlisle BV        
Thrs 19-Sep 4:30 Holy Cross LHS MS Berry   xxxxxxxx  
Fri 20-Sep 5:00 LHS VES BV Caudill      
Fri 20-Sep 4:30 Timberlake Temple MS Berry   xxxxxxxx  
Fri 20-Sep 5:45 Timberlake Temple BV        
Sun 22-Sep 11:30 U of L Richmond Women Club     Practice fields
Sun 22-Sep 2:00 U of L Radford Men Club       Practice fields
Mon 23-Sep 4:30 New Covenant  SWVHS MS Berry   xxxxxxxx  
Mon 23-Sep 6:00 New Covenant  Fishburne Academy BV        
Tue 24-Sep 4:30 Hargrave North Cross BJV        
Tue 24-Sep 5:00 Hargrave Miller School BV        
Tue 24-Sep 5:00 Holy Cross Eatern Menn.  BV        
Tue 24-Sep 4:00 New Covenant  James River MS Berry      
Tue 24-Sep 5:00 Temple SML Christian BV        
Tue 24-Sep 4:30 Timberlake Christian Heritage MS Cancel Cancel Cancel  
Tue 24-Sep 5:45 Timberlake Christian Heritage BV Cancel Cancel Cancel  
Tue 24-Sep 4:30 VES STAB BV        
Thrs 26-Sep 4:30 Hargrave Carlisle BJV        
Thrs 26-Sep 5:00 Holy Cross VES BV Lewis      
Thrs 26-Sep 4:00 James River STAB MS     xxxxxxxx  
Thrs 26-Sep 4:30 VES Covenant School BJV        
Fri 27-Sep 5:00 Hargrave Benedictine BV        
Fri 27-Sep 5:00 LHS Westover MS Cancel Cancel Cancel  
Fri 27-Sep 4:30 Timberlake Daysprings MS     xxxxxxxx  
Fri 27-Sep 4:30 VES New Covenant BV        
Sat 28-Sep 12:00 U of L William & Mary Men Club       Practice field
Mon 30-Sep 5:00 Temple RVCS BV        
Mon 30-Sep 5:00 Timberlake Grace BV        
Tue 1-Oct 6:00 New Covenant Hargrave BV        
Tue 1-Oct 4:00 James River New Covenant MS   Berry xxxxxxxx  
Tue 1-Oct 5:00 James River New Covenant MS   Berry xxxxxxxx  
Wed 3-Oct 4:30 Hargrave Christian Heritage BV        
Wed 3-Oct 4:30 Holy Cross North Cross MS Berry   xxxxxxxx  
Wed 3-Oct 4:30 Hargrave VES BJV        
Wed 3-Oct 4:30 James River Patriots MS     xxxxxxxx  
Wed 3-Oct 4:30 VES Covenant School BV        
Thrs 4-Oct 4:30 VES Stonebridge BV        
Thrs 4-Oct 5:00 VES LHS BJV        
Sat 5-Oct 12:00 U of L VCU Men club       practice field
Sun 6-Oct 12:00 U of L William 7 Mary Women Club     practice field
Mon 7-Oct 4:30 VES SWHS BJV        
Tue 8-Oct 4:30 Holy Cross Miller School BV        
Tue 8-Oct 4:30 New Covenant North Cross MS Berry   xxxxxxxxx  
Tue 8-Oct 4:30 Temple Stuart Hall BV        
Tue 8-Oct 5:00 VES Hargrave BV        
Thrs 10-Oct 5:00 Temple LHS BV        
Fri 11-Oct 4:30 Hargrave Holy Cross BV   Caudill    
Tue 15-Oct 6:00 New Covenant Roanoke Valley BV   Caudill    
Tue. 15-Oct 4:30 VES Trinity Episcopal BV        
Wed 16-Oct 4:30 Hargrave Covenant School BV        
Thrs 17-Oct 4:30 Holy Cross Covenant School BV        
Thrs 17-Oct 4:30 James River North Cross MS     xxxxxxxxx  
Fri 18-Oct 4:30 Hargrave Oak Hill Academy BV        
Fri 18-Oct 5:30 LHS RVCS BV        
Fri 18-Oct TBD New Covenant Grace BV        
Tues 29-Oct 4:30 Hargave Fork Union BV        
Sun 3-Nov TBD U of L William & Mary Women club     ???