To Submit your availability:

1. Log on the site using your username & password.

2. Under the "Login Form" there will be a link for "View Calendar" click that link.

3. Move your mouse over the date you'd like to add your availability and click the "plus" sign in the upper-right corner of that box.

4. On the first tab ("Common"), enter your full name in the "Subject" box.

5. On the second tab ("Calendar"), enter the START and END times you are available.

6. Click SAVE in the upper right corner of your browser.

7. Repeat steps 3-7 until you've finished entering your availability

To edit or change an availability day/time:
-Log on
-Click "View Calendar"
-Click your name on the day you'd like changed
-Click the "pencil" icon at the top right of the page
-Here you can edit or delete the availability (event)