VHSL Weather Memo

*In the event of inclement weather, a cancellation notice will be placed next to a cancelled game in RED, usually 2-3 hours before game time.

**A game highlighted in BLUE indicates a change of date, time or location for the game.

Day Date Time      Home    Opponent Level Referee AR 1 AR 2 Notes
Tue 6-Apr 4:00 PM New Covenant North Cross MS Berry Seufer    
thr 15-Apr 4:15 PM New Covenant Onward Christian MS Kappler Sr. Skow    
thr 15-Apr 4:30 PM Temple RVCS VG Grubba Mazariegos  Stalker  
Tue 20-Apr 4:00 PM New Covenant North Cross MS Hayward Reynolds    
Tue 20-Apr 4:30 PM Temple Grace VG Shockley Lewis Nelligan  
Tue 20-Apr 4:30 PM Timberlake  Roanoke Valley VG Stalker McClendon Skow  
Thr 22-Apr 4:00 PM Timberlake  New Covenant MS Hayward Reynolds    
Mon 26-Apr 5:00 PM Amherst Rustburg MS Shockley Stalker    
Mon 26-Apr 5:00 PM Brookville Appomattox MS McClendon Alvey    
Mon 26-Apr 5:30PM Dunbar Monelison MS Skow Reynolds    
Mon 26-Apr 5:00 PM Halifax LP MS Marvin McFalls no show    
Mon 26-Apr 6:15 PM Halifax LP MS Marvin McFalls no show    
Mon 26-Apr 4:30 PM New Covenant Timberlake VG Grubba Mazariegos    
Tue 27-Apr 5:00 PM Halifax Martinsville MS Peer Marvin    
Tue 27-Apr 6:30 PM Halifax Martinsville MS Peer Marvin    
Tue 27-Apr 4:30 PM New Covenant Kings Christian JVG Reynolds Caudill    
Wed  28-Apr 5:00 PM Brookville Sandusky MS Hayward McClendon CANCEL CANCEL
Wed  28-Apr 5:00 PM Dunbar Rustburg MS Skow Hemric    
Wed  28-Apr 4:45 PM Linkhorne LCA MS McLendon Hayward    
Wed  28-Apr 6:00 PM Linkhorne LCA MS Hayward McLendon    
Wed  28-Apr 6:00 PM Monelison Amherst MS Grubba Reynolds    
Wed  28-Apr 5:00 PM Sandusky Brookville MS Mazariegos  Enters cancel pay officials
Thr 29-Apr 6:00PM Appomattox Linkhorne MS Grubba Shockley   2020 Church St. Appomattox.
Fri 30-Apr 6:00 PM Halifax Magna Vista VG Uitto Marvin McFalls CANCEL
Fri 30-Apr 5:00 PM New Covenant Grace MS Stalker Enters    
Fri 30-Apr 6:30 PM New Covenant Grace VG Grubba Stalker Enters  
Fri 30-Apr 5:30PM Tunstall Bassett VG Snead Diamond Smith  
Day Date Time      Home    Opponent Level Referee AR 1 AR 2 Notes
Mon 3-May 5:30PM Amherst Dunbar MS Stalker Skow CANCEL CANCEL
Mon 3-May 5:30PM Amherst Brookville JVB Cromwell Grubba Wildermuth  
Mon 3-May 7:00PM Amherst Brookville VB Grubba Cromwell Wildermuth  
Mon 3-May 5:00 PM Appomattox Linkhorne MS Frye  Shockley   CANCEL
Mon 3-May 6:00PM Heritage Rustburg VB Alvey So McClendon  
Mon 3-May 5:30PM LCA Glass JVB Kappler S Kappler D Mazariegos CANCEL
Mon 3-May 7:00PM LCA Glass VB Kappler D Kappler S Mazariegos CANCEL
Mon 3-May 5:00 PM Linkhorne Appomattox MS Berry Seufer   CANCEL
Mon 3-May 5:00 PM Monelison Rustburg MS Reynolds Guinan    
Mon 3-May 5:30PM New Covenant Onword Christian  MS Skow Nelligan    
Mon 3-May 4:30 PM Temple BRCS VG Caudill Lewis Stalker CANCEL
Mon 3-May 4:00 PM Timberlake  SMLCA MS Hemric Enters    
Mon 3-May 5:00 PM VES New Covenant VG CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL  
Tue 4-May 5:30PM GW Magna Vista VG Hacker Uitto Morris CANCEL
Tue 4-May 5:00 PM Halifx Patrick Co MS Peer Marvin    
Tue 4-May 6:00 PM JF Liberty JVG Lewis Wildermuth Alvey CANCEL
Tue 4-May 7:00PM JF Liberty VG Wildermuth Lewis Alvey  
Tue 4-May 5:00 PM LCA Appomattox MS Berry Seufer   CANCEL
Tue 4-May 6:30 PM LCA Brookville MS Berry Seufer   CANCEL
Tue 4-May 5:30PM Liberty JF JVB Williams Mazariegos Stalker CANCEL
Tue 4-May 7:00PM Liberty JF VB Mazariegos Williams Stalker CANCEL
Tue 4-May 5:30PM New Covenant North Cross VG Enters Grubba Hayward  
Tue 4-May 5:30PM Tunstall Appomattox VG Hacker Morris Smith  
Wed 5-May 5:00 PM Amherst Rustburg MS Caudill Thomas    
Wed 5-May 5:30PM Brookville Linkhorne MS CANCEL CANCEL    
Wed 5-May 4:30 PM Appomattox LCA MS Grubba Stalker   2020 Church St. Appomattox.
Wed 5-May 5:45 PM Appomattox LCA MS Grubba Stalker   2020 Church St. Appomattox.
Wed 5-May 5:30PM Dan River Chatham VB Hacker Snead Smith  
Wed 5-May 5:30PM Galileo Appomattox VB Marvin McFalls  Morris Dan Daniel
Wed 5-May 5:30PM Linkhorne Brookville MS Nelligan Reynolds    
Thr 6-May 5:30PM Brookville Amherst JVG Kappler S Wildermuth Guinan  
Thr 6-May 7:00PM Brookville Amherst VG Wildermuth Kappler S Guinan  
Thr 6-May 6:00PM Glass LCA VG Alvey Mazariegos Stalker city stadium
Thr 6-May 5:30PM Halifax Patrick Co VB Holifield Marvin Smith  
Thr 6-May 7:00PM Halifax Patrick Co VG Marvin Holifield Smith  
Thr 6-May 5:00 PM New Covenant SWVHS MS Caudill Reynolds    
Thr 6-May 7:00 PM New Covenant SWVHS VG Hayward Caudill Reynolds  
Thr 6-May 6:00PM Rustburg Heritage VG Williams Grubba McClendon  
Thr 6-May 4:30 PM Timberlake  Roanoke Valley MS Berry Seufer    
Fri 7-May 5:30PM Altavista Galileo VB Thomas Caudill Eubank  
Fri 7-May 5:30PM Appomattox Dan River VB Grubba Shockley Stalker  
Fri 7-May 7:30PM Appomattox Tunstall VG Shockley Grubba Stalker  
Fri 7-May 5:30PM Brookville LCA JVB Guinan Kappler S Enters  
Fri 7-May 7:00PM Brookville LCA VB Kappler S Guinan Enters  
Fri 7-May 5:30PM GW Tunstall VB Hacker Smith Morris  
Fri 7-May 6:00PM Heritage Liberty VB Wildermuth Alvey McClendon  
Fri 7-May 6:00 PM JF Glass JVB Holifield Uitto Mazariegos  
Fri 7-May 7:30 PM JF Glass VB Uitto Holifield Mazariegos  
Fri 7-May 6:00 PM Rustburg Amherst VB Lewis Cromwell So  
Fri 7-May 4:30 PM Temple Timberlake  VG Skow Smyth Palmer  
Sat 8-May 12:00 PM Altavista Parry McCluer VG Lewis Morris Eubank CANCEL
Sat 8-May 2:00 PM Altavista Parry McCluer VB MS Morris Eubank CANCEL
Mon 10-May 6:00PM Appomattox Monelison MS Skow Thomas   2020 Church St. Appomattox.
Mon 10-May 5:00 PM Brookville Rustburg MS Caudill Smyth    
Mon 10-May 4:30 PM Dunbar LCA MS So McClendon   late cancel
Mon 10-May 5:30PM Galileo Dan River VB Holifield Hacker Smith Dan Daniel
Mon 10-May 5:30PM LCA Glass JVB Mazariegos Kappler D Stalker  
Mon 10-May 7:00PM LCA Glass VB Kappler D Mazariegos Stalker  
Mon 10-May 5:30PM Liberty JF JVB Lewis Enters Utz CANCEL
Mon 10-May 7:00PM Liberty JF VB Grubba Enters Utz CANCEL
Mon 10-May 6:00PM Linkhorne Amherst MS Seufer Palmer    
Mon 10-May 5:30PM Timberlake Smith MT Lake MS Frye Reynolds   VACA playoff
Tue 11-May 6:00PM Amherst Rustburg VB Cromwell Thomas So  
Tue 11-May 6:00PM Appomattox Linkhorne MS Enters Smyth   CANCEL
Tue 11-May 6:00PM Glass JF VG Kappler S Kappler D McClendon city stadium
Tue 11-May 5:00 PM Halifax Feildale-Collinsville MS Holifield Smith    
Tue 11-May 6:30 PM Halifax ????? MS Holifield Smith    
Tue 11-May 5:30PM LCA Brookville JVG Grubba Shockley Mazariegos  
Tue 11-May 7:00PM LCA Brookville VG Mazariegos Grubba Shockley  
Tue 11-May 6:00 PM Liberty Heritage VG Williams Skow Frye  
Tue 11-May 5:00 PM Linkhorne Appomattox MS MS Haney   CANCEL
Tue 11-May 4:30 PM Temple Day Springs VG Enters Smyth Palmer  
Tue 11-May 4:30 PM Timberlake  Grace VG Stalker Guinan Reynolds  
Tue 11-May 5:30PM Tunstall Magna Vista VG Hacker Morris McFalls  
Wed 12-May 5:30PM Altavista Chatham VG Lewis Williams Caudill  
Wed 12-May 7:00PM Altavista Chatham VB Williams Eubank Caudill  
Wed 12-May 5:30PM Appomattox Nelson JVG So Grubba Thomas  
Wed 12-May 7:00PM Appomattox Nelson VG Grubba So Thomas  
Wed 12-May 5:00 PM Appomattox Brookville MS Seufer Skow   2020 Church St. Appomattox.
Wed 12-May 5:30PM Dan River Galileo VB Hacker Holifield Morris  
Wed 12-May 6:00 PM Halifax Bassett VG Marvin Peer Morris CANCEL
Wed 12-May 5:30PM Linkhorne Dunbar MS So ms moved to 5/18  
Thr 13-May 6:00 PM Amherst Heritage VB Cromwell Lewis So  
Thr 13-May 5:30PM Glass Linkhorne MS JVB Grubba Kappler D Hayward city stadium
Thr 13-May 7:00PM Glass Rustburg VB Kappler D Grubba Hayward city stadium
Thr 13-May 5:30PM LCA JF JVB Holifield Uitto Enters  
Thr 13-May 7:00PM LCA JF VB Uitto Holifield Enters  
Thr 13-May 5:30PM Liberty Brookville JVB Thomas Mazariegos Utz moved to 6/2
Thr 13-May 7:00PM Liberty Brookville VB Mazariegos Thomas Utz moved to 6/2
Thr 13-May 4:30 PM Timberlake  Temple VG Hemric Reynolds Smyth  
Fri 14-May 5:30PM Appomattox Altavista VB Williams Koeppel Stalker  
Fri 14-May 7:00PM Appomattox Altavista VG Koeppel Williams Stalker  
Fri 14-May 6:00 PM Brookville Liberty VG Mazariegos Skow Haney  
Fri 14-May 5:30PM Dan River Nelson VB Hacker Smith Marquez  
Fri 14-May 5:30PM Galileo Chatham VB Holifield Peer Diamond Dan Daniel
Fri 14-May 5:30PM GW Bassett VB Grubba Marvin McFalls  
Fri 14-May 6:00 PM Heritage Amherst VG Enters ms So  
Fri 14-May 6:00 PM JF LCA JVG Kappler S Kappler D Guinan  
Fri 14-May 7:30PM JF LCA VG Kappler D Kappler S Guinan  
Fri 14-May 6:00 PM Rustburg Glass VG Lewis Caudill Bryant  
Fri 14-May 5:30PM Tunstall Halifax GV Snead Uitto Morris  
Fri 14-May 7:30PM Tunstall Halifax VB Uitto Snead Morris  
Mon 17-May 5:30PM Brookville Amherst JVB Utz Cromwell So Mazariegos
Mon 17-May 7:00PM Brookville Amherst VB Cromwell Utz So Mazariegos
Mon 17-May 5:30PM Dan River Altavista VB Snead Hacker Holifield  
Mon 17-May 5:30PM Glass LCA JVB Kappler S Uitto Enters city stadium
Mon 17-May 7:00PM Glass LCA VB Uitto Kappler S Enters city stadium
Mon 17-May 6:00 PM JF Liberty JVB Kappler D Charron Stalker  
Mon 17-May 7:30 PM JF Liberty VB Charron Kappler D Stalker  
Mon 17-May 5:00 PM LCA Linkhorne MS Shockley Caudill    
Mon 17-May 6:30 PM LCA Linkhorne MS Caudill Shockley    
Mon 17-May 6:00 PM Rustburg Heritage VB Cromwell McClendon Frye  
Tue 18-May 5:30PM Amherst Brookville JVG Frye Shockley Alvey  
Tue 18-May 7:00PM Amherst Brookville VG Shockley Frye Alvey  
Tue 18-May 5:30PM GW Halifax VB Holifield Marquez McFalls  
Tue 18-May 5:30PM Halifax Appomattox VG Diamond Uitto Marvin  
Tue 18-May 7:30PM Halifax GW VB Uitto Diamond Marvin  
Tue 18-May 6:00 PM Heritage Rustburg VG So ms Haney  
Tue 18-May 6:00 PM LCA Glass VG Grubba Stalker Hemric  
Tue 18-May 6:00 PM Liberty JF VG Hayward Skow Reynolds  
Tue 18-May 5:30PM Linkhorne Dunbar MS Berry Smyth    
Tue 18-May 5:30PM Tunstall Patrick Co JVB Snead Hacker Morris  
Tue 18-May 7:30PM Tunstall Patrick Co VB Hacker Snead Morris  
Wed 19-May 5:30PM Altavista Dan River VB Williams Bryant Caudill  
Wed 19-May 5:30PM Chatham Appomattox VG Holifield Morris Eubank  
Wed 19-May 7:00PM Chatham Appomattox VB Uitto Holifield Eubank  
Wed 19-May 5:30PM Galileo Nelson VB Marvin McFalls Marquez Dan Daniel
Thr 20-May 6:00 PM JF Amherst JVB        
Thr 20-May 7:30 PM JF Amherst VB        
Thr 20-May 5:30PM GW Patrick Co VB        
Thr 20-May 6:00 PM Heritage Brookville VB        
Thr 20-May 7:00PM LCA Rustburg VB     Shockley  
Thr 20-May 5:30PM Liberty Glass JVB   Kappler D    
Thr 20-May 7:00PM Liberty Glass VB Kappler D      
Fri 21-May 5:30PM Altavista Nelson VB        
Fri 21-May 7:30PM Altavista Nelson VG        
Fri 21-May 5:30PM Amherst JF JVG   Koeppel    
Fri 21-May 7:00PM Amherst JF VG Koeppel      
Tue 21-May 5:30PM Appomattox Halifax VG Shockley      
Fri 21-May 7:30 PM Appomattox Galileo VB        
Fri 21-May 6:00 PM Brookville Heritage VG        
Fri 21-May 5:30PM Chatham Dan River VB Uitto Smith Morris  
Fri 21-May 6:00 PM Glass Liberty VG Kappler S Bryant Caudill city stadium
Fri 21-May 6:00 PM Rustburg LCA VG     Haney  
Mon 24-May 5:30PM Altavista Prince Edwards GV        
Mon 24-May 5:30PM Glass Amherst JVB Mazariegos Kappler D   city stadium
Mon 24-May 7:00PM Glass Amherst VB Kappler D Mazariegos   city stadium
Mon 24-May 5:30PM LCA Liberty JVB   Charron    
Mon 24-May 7:00PM LCA Liberty VB Charron      
Mon 24-May 7:00PM JF Heritage VB        
Mon 24-May 6:00 PM Rustburg Brookville VB Kappler S   Shockley  
Tue 25-May 6:30PM Amherst Glass VG   Shockley    
Tue 25-May 6:00PM Brookville Rustburg VG   Bryant Caudill  
Tue 25-May 5:30PM GW Magna Vista VB Uitto      
Tue 25-May 6:00PM Heritage JF VG     Haney  
Tue 25-May 6:00PM Liberty LCA VG        
Tue 25-May 5:30PM Tunstall Patrick Co VG     Morris  
Wed 26-May 5:30PM Chatham Nelson VG Diamond Morris Eubank  
Wed 26-May 7:00PM Chatham Nelson VB Hacker Eubank Morris  
Wed 26-May 5:30PM Dan River Appomattox VB Snead Smith McFalls  
Wed 26-May 5:30PM Galileo Altavista VB Hacker Marquez   Dan Daniel
Wed 26-May 5:30PM Halifax Magna Vista VB Uitto Marvin McFalls  
Wed 26-May 7:30PM Halifax Magna Vista VG Marvin Uitto McFalls  
Thr 27-May 5:30PM Amherst LCA JVB        
Thr 27-May 7:00PM Amherst LCA VB        
Thr 27-May 5:30PM Brookville JF JVB     Caudill  
Thr 27-May 7:00PM Brookville JF VB     Caudill  
Thr 27-May 5:30PM Chatham Altevista VB        
Thr 27-May 7:00PM Chatham Altevista VG        
Thr 27-May 6:00 PM Heritage Glass VB        
Thr 27-May 7:00PM Liberty Rustburg VB        
Fri 28-May 5:30PM Appomattox Nelson JVB moved to 6/9      
Fri 28-May 7:00PM Appomattox Nelson VB moved to 6/9      
Fri 28-May 5:30PM Galileo Dan River VB moved to 5/10   Morris  
Fri 28-May 6:00 PM Glass Heritage VG   Shockley   city stadium
Fri 28-May 6:00 PM Halifax Patrick Co VB Peer Marvin Holifield  
Fri 28-May 6:00 PM JF Brookville JVG        
Fri 28-May 7:30PM JF Brookville VG        
Fri 28-May 5:30PM LCA Amherst JVG   Koeppel Bryant  
Fri 28-May 7:00PM LCA Amherst VG Koeppel   Bryant  
Fri 28-May 7:00PM Liberty Rustburg VG     Haney  
Fri 28-May 5:30PM Tunstall GW VB     Morris  
Mon 31-May 5:30PM Amherst Liberty JVB        
Mon 31-May 7:00PM Amherst Liberty VB        
Mon 31-May 5:30PM Glass Brookville JVB       city stadium
Mon 31-May 7:00PM Glass Brookville VB       city stadium
Mon 31-May 6:00PM LCA Heritage VB        
Mon 31-May 6:00 PM Rustburg JF VB     Caudill  
Day Date Time      Home    Opponent Level Referee AR 1 AR 2 Notes
Tue 1-Jun 5:30PM Amherst Liberty JVG CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL  
Tue 1-Jun 6:00PM Amherst Liberty VG   Shockley    
Tue 1-Jun 7:00PM Brookville Glass VG        
Tue 1-Jun 6:00PM Heritage LCA VG        
Tue 1-Jun 7:00PM JF Rustburg VG        
Tue 1-Jun 5:30PM Tunstall Bassett JVB        
Tue 1-Jun 7:30PM Tunstall Bassett VB        
Wed 2-Jun 5:30PM Altavista Appomattox VB   Hayward Caudill  
Wed 2-Jun 7:00PM Altavista Appomattox VG Hayward   Caudill  
Wed 2-Jun 5:30PM Chatham Galileo VB        
Wed 2-Jun 5:30PM Liberty Brookville JVB Thomas Mazariegos Utz  
Wed 2-Jun 7:00PM Liberty Brookville VB Mazariegos Thomas Utz  
Fri 3-Jun 6:00 PM Amherst Rustburg VB        
Thr 3-Jun 5:30PM Brookville LCA JVG     Shockley  
Thr 3-Jun 7:00PM Brookville LCA VG     Shockley  
Thr 3-Jun 6:00 PM Heritage Liberty VG        
Thr 3-Jun 7:00PM JF Glass VG        
Thr 3-Jun 6:00 PM Rustburg Amherst VG Hayward   Bryant  
Thr 3-Jun 5:30PM Tunstall Magna Vista JVB        
Thr 3-Jun 7:30PM Tunstall Magna Vista VB        
Fri 4-Jun 5:30PM Glass JF JVB       city stadium
Fri 4-Jun 7:00PM Glass JF VB       city stadium
Fri 4-Jun 6:00 PM Halifax Bassett VB        
Fri 4-Jun 5:30PM LCA Brookville JVB   Koeppel Shockley  
Fri 4-Jun 7:00PM LCA Brookville VB Koeppel   Shockley  
Fri 4-Jun 6:00 PM Liberty Heritage VB        
Mon 7-Jun 6:00 PM Amherst Heritage VG        
Mon 7-Jun 5:30PM Appomattox Chatham VB        
Mon 7-Jun 7:00PM Appomattox Chatham VG        
Mon 7-Jun 6:00 PM Glass Rustburg VG     Shockley city stadium
Mon 7-Jun 5:30PM LCA JF JVG        
Mon 7-Jun 7:00PM LCA JF VG        
Mon 7-Jun 5:30PM Liberty Brookville JVG CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL  
Mon 7-Jun 7:00PM Liberty Brookville VG        
Tues 8-Jun 5:30PM Brookville Liberty JVB        
Tues 8-Jun 7:00PM Brookville Liberty VB        
Tues 8-Jun 5:30PM Halifax Tunstall VG        
Tues 8-Jun 7:00PM Halifax Tunstall VB        
Tues 8-Jun 6:00 PM Heritage Amherst VB     Shockley  
Tues 8-Jun 6:00 PM JF LCA JVB        
Tues 8-Jun 7:30 PM JF LCA VB        
Tues 8-Jun 6:00 PM Rustburg Glass VB        
Wed 9-Jun 5:30PM Appomattox Nelson JVB        
Wed 9-Jun 7:00PM Appomattox Nelson VB        
Thr 10-Jun 5:30PM GW Halifax VB